F630 SG Iron Full Lift Safety Valve

Product Description
Sizes: 25mm x 40mm, 32mm x 50mm, 40mm x 65mm, 50mm x 80mm, 65mm x 100mm, 80mm x 125mm, 100mm x 150mm
Connections: Flanged and Drilled PN40 Inlet x PN16 Outlet
Materials: Body: SG Iron (Nodular Cast Iron), Spindle: Stainless Steel
Disk: Stainless Steel
Joints & Seals:
Medium: Water, Air, Steam, Other neutral liquids, gases and vapours
Set Pressure: 1 to 40 Barg (depending upon size)
Temperature: -10 to +300 degC Max
Design: Valves made in accordance with PN EN ISO 4126-1
Notes: Packed Lifting Lever.


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