Budenberg 510 Water Tight Pressure Gauge for High Voltage Cables

Product Description

The Budenberg 510 Water Tight Pressure Gauge for High Voltage Cables has to continually operate in the remote severe environments where robustness coupled with repeatability are paramount. It is designed to meet many International and regulatory standards including ESI 50-1 that requires the gauges to be fully immersible under water and are Type Tested to industry standard NGTS 3.5.9 Issue 2*. Units can be supplied fitted with up to three electrical contacts whose operation can be independently defined and adjusted by use of a removable key. Electrical connections are taken via a three metre PVC insulated and sheathed cable from the side of the case, the wires are colour coded for ease of installation. We have an interesting article relating to Pressure Gauge Selection in the Technical section on this website.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Sizes: 150 mm
Mounting: Direct / Surface
Construction: Grey Cast Iron case, grey polyester powder coated, with back flange. White anodised Aluminium dial with single or dual scale. Aluminium Pointer. Acrylic Plastic Window. IP68 rating.
Pressure Element: Phosphor Bronze seamless bourdon tube, with Brass body and connecton.
Scale Ranges: 0 to 1 Bar up to 0 to 25 Bar.
Overload Protection: Upto 130% of FSD.
Connections: 3/8" BSP (others available)
Accuracy: 1% full scale (class 1). NGTS 3.5.9 Issue 2* Type Tested.
Temperature: -20 to +90 degC
Certification: Individually calibrated with a unique serial number printed on the dial. Certificate of Conformity. Material Certification (option). Point by Point Test Certificate (option).
Notes: Manufactured to comply with EN837-1 and other regulatory standards including PED

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