Budenberg 964GP & 564GP Very High Pressure Gauge

Product Description

The Budenberg 964GP & 564GP Very High Pressure Gauges are for use on high pressure applications such as hydraulic power packs and pressure testing equipment. These are also suitable for pressure measurements on hydraulic metal forming, sintering, and autofrettage chemical processes. The Budenberg Models 964GP & 564GP meet the American Petroleum Institute Specification 14.D. All models are of Safety Pattern construction. We have an interesting article relating to Pressure Gauge Selection in the Technical section on this website.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Sizes: 150 mm (6") Model 964GP, 250 mm (10") Model 564GP
Mounting: Direct, Surface and Flush
Construction: 964GP has 316 Stainless Steel Cases and Bezels. 564GP has Aluminium Cases and St Steel Bezels. White anodised Aluminium dial with single or dual scale. Micrometer Pointer. Laminated Safety Glass Window. IP65 rating.
Pressure Element: 316 Stainless Steel Coil & Socket.
Scale Ranges: 0 to 1600 Bar up to 0 to 4000 Bar.
Connections: Direct Mounting : 1/2" BSP with a length of 32mm (1.25") with a flat endface and 3mm(0.125") inlet to accommodate a small hardened Stainless Steel coned joint ring.
Accuracy: 1% full scale (class 1); optional 0.5% full scale.
Temperature: -20 to +90 degC
Certification: Individually calibrated with a unique serial number printed on the dial. Certificate of Conformity. Material Certification (option). Point by Point Test Certificate (option).
Notes: Manufactured to comply with EN837-1 and other regulatory standards including PED

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