Budenberg 966TGP DMC Cased Pressure Gauge

Product Description

The Budenberg 966TGP DMC Cased Pressure Gauge is manufactured with a special DMC (Dough Moulding Compound) safety case and stainless steel wetted parts. With the DMC's high impact strength, it complies with the Oil Companies Materials Association (OMCA) specification for pressure gauges. DMC is a glass-reinforced polyester which has a very high impact strength and is self extinguishing. It is stable at 160 degC down to artic temperatures. It is commonly found in harsh environments such as offshore, on chemical plants and in dessert plant installations. We have an interesting article relating to Pressure Gauge Selection in the Technical section on this website.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Sizes: 100mm (4"),  115mm & 150mm (6")
Mounting: Direct, Surface (with spacing pillars)
Construction: DMC safety case with a central partition and blow out back. White anodised Aluminium dial with single or dual scale. IP67 rating. Available with Single or Double electrical contacts (option).
Pressure Element: 316 SS Bourdon Tube upto 80 Bar, then 316 SS coil for higher pressures.
Scale Ranges: 0 to 400 mBarg to 0 to 1400 Barg. Equivalent units of pressure / vaccuum available. Single and dual scales available.
Overload Protection: Upto 125% of range (300% as an option). Fitted with overload and vacuum stops.
Connections: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" in BSP or NPT
Accuracy: 1% of FSD
Temperature: -20 to +90 degC
Notes: Various options available. Please check the datasheet.

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