Budenberg Model 6B 6,000 Psig Ball Valve

Product Description

The Budenberg Model 6B 6,000 Psig Ball Valve has been designed to the highest standards and incorporate many features that are usually found in higher specification process valves. Designed around a super finished solid Ball that floats between self cavity relieving seats that provide a dynamic response to fluctuating process pressures. This ensures a gas tight, leak proof seal under all operating pressures and temperatures. Utilising a two piece body design immediately reduces thread leak paths by 50% whilst its high strength adapter threads combined with a "soft" parent metal seal to give closure thread protection thereby ensuring environmental safety In common with all Budenberg Needle Valve products, the 6B incorporates a full range of standard features that include: inherent fire safe design, anti static, anti blow out stems, multi- stage 'dynamic' stem packing as well as a wide range of configurations and options.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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