Medenus Electronic Turbine Meter MQME - Quantometer

Product Description

The MQMe Quantometer is a turbine gas meter that registers the operating volume using a nine-digit electronic index. The flow of the gas to be measured causes the turbine rotor to rotate. The gas flow is narrowed on an annular cross section, is accelerated and directed onto the smooth-running Aluminum rotor. The number of rotations is proportional to the measured gas volume; the frequency of rotations is proportional to the actual gas flow.

The rotation of the rotor is transmitted via a magnetoresistance sensor from the gas pressurized area to the electronic index which is in the atmospheric environment. The CPU is receiving the high frequency signal for the magnetoresistance sensor to calculate the gas flow and gas volume under operating conditions. If the optional electronic volume corrector function is installed the gas flow and gas volume under standard conditions will be calculated according AGA NX-19. The calculation can be based on fixed factors for temperature and pressure or on optionally installed temperature and pressure sensors. The MQMe is designed to have one external temperature and one external pressure transmitter installed directly in the meter.


  • Several options to transmit the measured an calculated data to a digital control system (DCS) or SCADA
  • Equipped with alternatively RS 485 or M-Bus interface and one high frequency (HF) as well as one low frequency (LF) pulser
  • If an external power supply is connected to the MQME one 4 to 20 mA configurable signal is available
  • The rotation of the rotor can be scannes additionally with one external high frequency (HF) sensor
  • The HF-sensor signal allows the determination of the actual gas flow in high-resolution and can be transmit to any digital control system (DCS) or SCADA for flow control purposes
  • Integrated electronic volume corrector


  • WFactory calibration measuring range 1:20
  • integrated volume corrector (incl. pressure & temperature sensors)
  • analog output (4-20 mA, 24 VDC needed)
  • RS485 (M-bus not possible)
  • M-Bus (RS485 not possible)
  • additional HF sensor (external power supply needed)
  • Oil pump
  • 1x thermowell
  • Test certificate 3.1 with detailed materials list

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