Rhodes 900 PFA/FEP Lined Sight Glass with Integral Spout - UK Manufactured

Product Description

These indicators are based on the popular Rhodes 900 series. They are two sided flow indicators lined with corrosion resistant fluoroplastic PFA and FEP. The linings are held in place by dovetail grooves machined into the cast body, allowing them to be used under full vacuum. All wetted parts are PFA/FEP together with either toughened soda lime or borosilicate glass. The indicators are available with a spout which produces a jetting action and turbulent flow thereby improving the viewing of clear liquids. The large viewing area allows the flow, colour and condition of the liquid to be observed and hence provides a check on product quality and consistency. The indicators are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation. The inclusion of a spout allows them to be used as drip indicators to show valve leaks, distillation or similar conditions. Rhodes Sight Glasses are fully UK manufactured with castings from the UK, unlike many of the competitors using components from the far east.

Sizes: 1" to 4"
Connections: ANSI150, PN10, PN16
Materials: Cast Iron body (other on request), PFA or FEP Lined, Graphite Gaskets
Pressure (Max): Full Vacuum to 20 Barg
Temperature (Max): -10 degC to 200 degC
Notes: Fully PED compliant. Fully UK manufactured.

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