Rhodes Type B Tubular Type Sight Glass - UK Manufactured

Product Description

A tubular type indicator with a difference. The disadvantage with traditional tubular type sight flow indicators is that the joint has to be made by exerting pressure on the ends of the glass tube. This causes the glass to take the load of any distortion or expansion in the pipe line. The result is often a leaking joint or a broken glass. The Type B overcomes this by using a new method of sealing which allows the glass to move. Rhodes Sight Glasses are fully UK manufactured with castings from the UK, unlike many of the competitors using components from the far east.

Sizes: 1" to 6"
Connections: Flanged (most types possible)
Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Pressure (Max): 3 Barg
Temperature (Max): 0 to 100 degC
Notes: Fully PED compliant. Fully UK manufactured.

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