TLV COSPECT Steam Pressure Reducing Valve

Product Description

The TLV COSPECT Pressure Reducing valve is a three-in-one valve in that it contains a pressure regulator, separator and steam trap in one unit. This makes for a compact installation and overall saves money due to the reduced pipe fabrication costs. We keep the COSPECT-16 on stock (details below) but can also supply the other models.

Sizes: 1/2" (DN15) to 4" (DN100)
Connections: Screwed & Flanged
Materials: Body: Cast Iron, SG Iron Stainless Steel, Key internal parts are Stainless Steel.
Medium: Steam & Air
Inlet Pressure: 16 Barg (Max)
Outlet Pressure Range: 1.6 to 13.44 Barg
Temperature: 220 degC (Max)
Notes: The TLV COSPECT reducing valve is the same as the COSR reducing valve but it also incorporates a built-in strainer, separator and trap.

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