Hull Daily Mail Newspaper Article - Valve firm steps up the pressure

A HULL pressure valve business is looking to expand its portfolio as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. Flowstar (UK) Ltd, a valve specialist based in west Hull, says it is looking to develop a growth plan for the next 30 years.The firm has been operating in Hull since 1988 and has developed into becoming a one-stop shop for valves across a number of industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas and pharmaceutical sectors. The firm is continuing to grow at its large unit in Gillett Street and says it hopes to mark the milestone by forging its future expansion. Flowstar was founded by John Griffiths and Tony Derrick, who owned Broady Flow Control, a safety relief valve and pressure reducing valve manufacturer also based in Hull. The pair set out to form a business that could stock their products and give customers a quick delivery on their portfolio of valves. Lee Hobson, director of the firm, says that the company established itself as a leading supplier by growing its portfolio of niche products. He said: “Over the years our accomplishment has been down to our highly trained sales team offering customers bespoke solutions for their requirements. “From day one we quickly grew our portfolio of niche manufacturers, which now include Broady, Neizgodka, NABIC, COI Technology, Besa and Bailey, and soon established ourselves as a leading safety valve and pressure reducing valve supplier. “In February 2013, our growing success meant we had to expand our warehouse capacity in order to increase our portfolio and give us the capability of offering our customer’s more options and more products. “At this stage we expanded into the unit next door, now operating more than 6,000sq ft of space. “Going forward into this year, we’re looking at expanding our portfolio even further, which will give us access to other industrial sectors and grow our stock holding.” Mr Hobson says the growth in popularity of niche stock has led to the firm’s success. After Flowstar was established it took on a distributorship with Niezgodka, a valve manufacturer based in Germany. He says that when the firm opened it held Niezgodka totalling £5,000, which has now grown to about £1m in 2018. Chris Moore, partner at Dutton Moore chartered accountants and business advisers in Hull, carries out a shadow financial director role for the business. He said: “This is a fantastic milestone for a great Hull company. “As their accountants and business advisers, we are delighted to be supporting them as they forge ahead into the next decade of successful business. ”

Hull Daily Mail Newspaper Article - Valve firm steps up the pressure

Hull Daily Mail Newspaper Article - Valve firm steps up the pressure

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60 Flanged Safety Valves in Record Time !!!

A customer came to us early December 2016 with an enquiry for 60 x 1" Flanged Safety Valves. This in itself isn't an issue other than the fact that delivery was required before Christmas, just two weeks away. We secured the order by offering the Broady 2600 Safety valve. In order to deliver on time we took the valves from the manufacturer in component form and constructed, painted and tested the valves ourselves in-house at Flowstar. This was only possible because we are fully manufacturer approved to carry out this work. The full order was delivered on the 22nd of December, just under two weeks from receiving the initial order.

Urgent Broady 2600 Safety Valve Order

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Flowstar at Valveworld

Flowstar exhibited at Valveworld in Dusseldorf Germany with Niezgodka (Nov / Dec 2016).

Flowstar at Valveworld - Dusseldorf, Germany - December 2016

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Mike Anthony Porter, Internal Sales, Flowstar (UK) Ltd

It is with deep regret that Flowstar announces the death of Mike Anthony Porter, a key member of their internal sales team.

Mike passed away on Sunday 11th of September 2016 after having a fun weekend away with his family.

His death was completely unexpected at only 45 years of age.

Mike had worked at Flowstar for 23 years and prior to that was an apprentice at Broady Flow Control.

Mike was greatly respected in his job with extensive knowledge and expertise.

The other passions in his life were his family and Hull City Football club.

Mike will be greatly missed by all.

Mike Anthony Porter enjoying a Hull City Football Match with his family

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