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Medenus RSP254 Pilot Operated Gas Pressure Regulator and Shut Off Valve

Product Description
The Medenus RSP254 Pilot Operated Gas Pressure Regulator and Shut Off Valve are applicable to applications for outlet pressures from 10 mbar up to 12 bar and needed accuracy class up to 1%. With 3 different versions of pilots we always have the perfect match to the requirements of your projects up to 16 bar inlet pressure. The pilot R70-10 is used for high pressure applications from 500 mbar to 12 bar outlet pressure especially needed in the industrial area, gas furnaces etc. but also in the gas distribution and for manufacturers of gas engines. R70-20 is developed as a special device with an integrated 1:2 booster and an external I/P converter (option) we can realize follow set point systems for gas engines. Pilot R70-100 is the perfect solution when it comes to low pressure applications from 10 mbar to 500 mbar outlet pressure with very high accuracy. R70-100 is mainly used in the city gas distribution but also in the industrial area.
Sizes: 1" (DN25) to 8" (DN200)
Connections: Flanged PN or ANSI
Materials: Housing: Silumin Casting, Internal Parts: Stainless Steel
Disk: NBR (vulcanised)
Joints & Seals: Diaphragms: NBR
Medium: Gas
Inlet Pressure (Max): 16 Barg
Outlet Pressure (Max): 10 mBarg to 12 Barg (depending upon configuration)
Cv Range:
Temperature: -20 to +60 degC
Notes: Can be fitted in any orientation, Gas-tight zero position

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