Hygenic Tri-Clamp Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Product Description

These Hygenic Tri-Clamp Liquid Turbine Flow Meters can be used with liquids such as water, light oils, solvents and low viscosity chemicals.

Sizes: 1/2" to 3"
Connections: TriClamp (others available)
Pressures: 16 Barg Max operating pressure / 0.5 Barg pressure drop at max flow
Flow Range: 1 to 2250 Litres / Minute (depending upon the size)
Materials: Stainless Steel Rotor & Body (see datasheet)
Accuracy: +/- 0.5% Linearity / +/- 0.1% Repeatability
Temperature: Standard -30 degC to 110 degC / High Temp -30 degC to 232 degC
Notes: ATEX approved. Individual calibration certificates. Easy to clean with steam or CIP.

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