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Berluto Float Valves

Product Description

Berluto float valves are extremely robust and reliable.

As early as 1917 Jean Bergner’s sophisticated construction was patented and as a consequence he founded the company Berluto in 1920. Initially designed for toilet flushes, our float valves are nowadays found in many other application areas. They are used worldwide in agriculture and industry for the filling of separation or storage systems and for the level regulation of poultry drinking troughs, humidifiers, car washes, booster stations, pond constructions etc.

And to this day our technology is still so innovative and up-to-date that it is utilized even in advanced industries like the aircraft construction. Our float valves are regulating inflow and level reliably without any auxiliary power or sensitive sensors. True to the motto: install it and that’s it! And on top of that, in most of our valve types the only genuine wearing parts, nozzle and seal, can be exchanged easily whenever necessary, e.g. after the use of highly aggressive or abrasive media. That’s anything but granted for competion valves.

No matter what kind of media you will use and regardless of the flow rate: we will have the most qualified float valve for your specific use, either made from brass, red bronze or stainless steel, with NBR or FKM seals, and PE, copper, or V4A floats.

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