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A rupture disc, also known as a bursting disc, is a non-reclosing safety device that protects against either over pressure or vacuum conditions. Once a rupture disc has split then it has to be replaced. They can be used on their own but are more commonly used in conjunction with a Safety valve either as a secondary backup device or to iscolate the safety valve from the process medium when the medium is particularly hostile.

  • NanoScored - Top-performing product
  • Sanitary - for pharmaceutical, food and biotech industries.
  • Forward Acting - the traditional, time-tested solution.
  • Reverse Acting - sporting better resistance to different operating pressures.
  • Ultra Low Pressure - sensitive to even the lightest pressures.
  • Double Way - protects both ways: against pressure and vacuum.
  • Graphite - for aggressive fluids.
  • Sealed Unit - simple and quick to install.
  • Disc Holders - specific disc holders for every model.
  • Special Exclusions - non-standard specifications and materials for every possible need.
  • ASME Approved - approved according to the exacting ASME standards.
  • Accessories

Rupture Disc / Bursting Disc

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