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Medenus Gas Ball Valve

Product Description

Gas ball valves are  mainly used to shut off the gas flow in gas trains or gas installations before and after other equipment like gas pressure regulators, gas meters etc. These ball valves are suitable for all gases according to DVGW G260 / G262 and all other non aggessiven gases (others upon request). They are certified according to DVGW, DIN EN 13774, PED, GAD, CE.

Key Features

  • The ball valves are made in two pieces "Screwed" and "full port" design.
  • Body material spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • Fire safe design
  • TA-Luft certified
  • Floating ball, free of silicone
  • Face to face length according to DIN558-1 line 14
  • Grounding 1K water based varnish (other paintings upon request)

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