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FSGGAG - Graphite Rupture Discs

Product Description

FSGGAG graphite rupture discs are mounted on a stainless steel ring that can be directly inserted between flanges. This disc is very versatile because combines the mechanical robustness of a steel holder and the characteristics of graphite discs (resistant to aggressive fluids and low bursting pressure sensitivity to temperature variations). Disc material is high purity graphite. Opening is total but with fragmentation. Vacuum support is required for rupture pressures below 1.7 barg. Discs are self-supporting at higher calibrations.

Sizes: 1" (DN25) to 12" (DN300)
Materials: Graphite and Stainless steel
Rupture Pressure: 0.017 – 15 bar g (depending on diameter)
Tolerance: +/- 5 % to +/- 20%
Temperature: -60 °C to 300 °C
Operating Margin: up to 75%
Vacuum Support: Not Available
Fragmentation: Yes
Use under valve: No
Corrosion Resistance: Very good - can be protected with a PTFE membrane
Linings: No
Container: Included, mounted between flanges
Seals: Available in graphite
Rupture Sensor: Electrical
PED Certification (CE Stamp): Available

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