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MEDENUS Valves available from Flowstar


Flowstar is the UK and Ireland distributor of the MEDENUS Gas- Druckregeltechnik GmbH range of gas pressure regulators, including the type R100 Gas Pressure Regulator and type S100 Safety Shut Off Valves shown here.


We offer rapid delivery times, with these valves ready and despatched to our customer within 4 weeks!

MEDENUS valves are suitable for hydrogen and natural gas applications and ensure a constant outlet pressure – regardless of the primary (inlet) pressure - when the gas usage varies and ensures a quick pressure regulation when the flow rate abruptly changes.

The gas pressure regulators are suitable for gases in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice G260/262 and all other neutral and non-corrosive gases. All gas pressure regulators are certified by DVGW and CE, valves are available with flanged connections DN50 to DN200 (depending on model) and working pressure up to 8.0 bar.

For any of your MEDENUS or general valve enquiries please contact us on +44 01482 601030 or email


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  • Richard Moss